Friday, January 28, 2011

Turning to Pop Culture

On February 17, I will be attending the Texas Ministry Conference at Champions Forest Baptist Church.  This will be the second time that I go, however, this year I am especially interested in attending because the keynote speaker is Tim Stevens (@timastevens), Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church.  I was introduced to Tim through Twitter and started following him.  In fact, I follow many of the Granger staff on Twitter.  They just have some great things to say and share. 

In preparing myself for the conference, I bought Tim's book Pop Goes the Church and so far it is a thought provoking book.  I am only on page 37 and half the pages have been underlined!  As a church communicator I often wonder if the message that our church is saying and sharing is relevant to the guests that walk in for the first time. Is it lame, boring, irrelevant? Of course, I believe that Christ is definitely not lame, boring or irrelevant, but I wonder what others think.

Tim shares a lot of statistics (which I love) and quotes (remember I am only on page 37) and says, "It is not that people around us aren't pursuing their faith...who love God the best way they know how - they just see the church as completely irrelevant."  He goes on to say that they "still want to find hope, purpose and meaning," but they have been burned by the church and they turn to pop culture.  What was most interesting to me is when he says, "It is not that people are turning to culture to learn a different angle about God or faith. In truth, the culture is actually shaping the values and faith of most people around us."

What do you think? Have you ever been burned by church? Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person but think church is boring or irrelevant? Why?

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