Friday, January 14, 2011

An Interesting Week

How are you feeling David?
I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my week.  Along with it being very busy, there was some wonderfully thought provoking moments.

Sunday: Church, teaching Sunday school, hanging out with my guys, then finding out my dearest friend and neighbor's mother died that evening (I knew this would happen, we had been helping my friend out with her children all week).

Monday: A routine work day (but an added addition of blogging about Kem Meyer's book Less Clutter Less Noise) and helping out a member of my Sunday school class with some personal issues.  The best thing was that our multi-media director, Lataya Simpson, and I got to spend the lunch time hour with Brian Webb (@thebrianwebb) of Loud Creative talk about our church Web site.  Brian has been one professional relationship that I enjoy, he is a pleasure to work with, a great guy with a great company.

Tuesday: A busy day at work with a worship meeting in the afternoon.  Our weekly Biggest Loser night spent with the guys at home.  I just love that show (except went there is a bunch of back-stabbing), Bob is my favorite!

Wednesday: My morning started with a sick kiddo that had the flu; I had to shift gears and work from home, while scheduling doctors appointments and giving extra TLC.  My husband came home at lunchtime to take over so that I could go to my friend's mother's funeral.  It was a very beautiful service for a beautiful woman, lots of sobbing and crying (I wear my heart on my sleeve).  I went with two other girlfriends from our street.  That was nice. When I got home it was REALLY great to be there (you know what I mean?).

Thursday: Stayed home with my sick child and worked from home (see above video of him in the afternoon, he was feeling "Okey, Dokey"). Cleaned, did laundry, dishes and sprayed Lysol all over the place.  I was still able to make my deadlines on Thursday and was able to help fix a Web hosting emergency (thank God for great team mates at work).  Dinner was ready and we all sat at the table to eat (just like the old days when I was a stay-at-home mom). Called my mom to tell her I loved her and shared with her about my friend's mother dying (I just needed to talk to her).  I plan to call my step-mother this weekend.  I get the great pleasure of having two moms.

Friday: My littlest child went back to school (the routine was normal again), work was productive, and now I am waiting for my mom to come to babysit while my husband and I go on a date (see below for earlier post on Date Night).

Here is what I am left with right now...
  • Treasure your mothers (call them often)
  • Enjoy your children (and kiss them a lot)
  • Go to funerals (and weddings)
  • Having a job is wonderful (so many don't have one)
  • Honor the people you work with (they are the faces of Christ)
  • Continue to go on dates with your spouse (hold hands)
  • Help your friends and neighbors out expecting nothing in return (Christ commands us to)

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