Friday, October 15, 2010

What Dave Ramsey has done for me...

Back in early July, my husband lost his job. I really freaked out about this. I already knew that we were living pay check to pay check. When we heard the news on Friday, we immediately went home and prayed together. The next thing we did was get to work! We shaved 2K out of our expenses that night! Wow, 2K that we cut. Here is my question, why were we spending that much money on things that we didn’t really need? What was God telling us?

Here we are 3 1/2 months later and we are debt free, and have saved money. We are taking Financial Peace University and are on a budget. My husband has a new job now. We haven’t added those expenses back to our budget. We don’t need them really, but what we did need to do was plan better.

Here is what I believe God was telling me. “Seek Me First, my child.” When I let everything go and put my worries at His feet, He guided me through this rough time. Once, when I was praying, I heard Him say, “I am preparing you. “ I am so glad we are prepared now. Thank you God, thank you friends and family that helped us out, thank you Dave Ramsey, and thank you church. Amen.